Thursday, May 29, 2014

1st Grass Week 2014
 Fig.1A Commute with ocean views (Diego)
 Fig.1B Postcard of Eel Pond. Our daily walk to and from the lab.

 Fig. 2 Our seminar room with the most inspiring and far reaching view.

 Fig. 3 Lunch with Fabio and Rebecca

Fig. 4 The drill monster in the basement (built 1941, "never broke within the last 15 years"). May it last another 70 years and more
 Fig. 5 Carb and caffeine loading (Diego)

Fig. 6 Grass Lab (Diego)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Looking good Rebecca, and let's not forget England!!!! -Ann

Alberto's provocation

The first time I came to Woods Hole was during a World Cup that point, I hadn't experienced the Fußball mania in Germany.  Now I have.  I even recognize a few of the players (not necessarily because of talent).

Alberto requested that I post something to stimulate activity on the blog...preferably something provocative. So I temporarily abandoned my coding efforts and -- after also encountering some alarming World Cup 2014 men's briefs and body painting designs-- I found a chart outlining the diverse combinatorial possibilities for confrontation and belligerence in our little group:

We have Germany, USA, Colombia, Uruguay, Korea, Japan, Ecuador...all nicely distributed for many possible showdowns.

This will be my first and last post about the World Cup, because I don't know what I am talking about. I suspect many of my fellow Fellows have distinct and well-reasoned opinions on this subject, but I think we should start with a public challenge to Alberto--which of our respective countries will dominate, and why? 

Arrival and set up

Welcome to the infant blog for the Grass Fellowship 2014! I'm looking forward to a fun and productive summer in beautiful Cape Cod with new friends and colleagues. We are hosted by the Marine Biological Laboratory and generously funded by the Grass Foundation.

We are all busy getting our rigs up and running and dealing with arrival logistics-- for me, this consisted of plugging in my computer and downloading some software, hence I had the time to hunt down the squid picture.  Other Fellows have a bit more of a workload in setting up new and possibly unfamiliar (and expensive!) equipment, but everything seems to be progressing fairly smoothly (and the coffeemaker is now in operation).

A joint Walmart mission is planned for later in the day--hopefully all will return unscathed.